Finding the ideal workplace and employer is crucial for your career. With temp-to-hire, we offer you the opportunity to temporarily work with an organisation before transitioning to permanent employment. Discover if the company culture and work environment align with your needs and set your career on the right path.

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How does temp-to-hire work?

Temp-to-hire combines temporary assignments with a permanent job opportunity. You join our team and start with an interim role within another organisation. After a certain period, the organisation can hire you as a permanent employee.

A stepping stone to
a permanent job

With our temp-to-hire arrangement, you can turn every assignment into a stepping stone for a long-term collaboration. Explore the match between you and our clients. Work on a project basis, get to know the organisation, and showcase your skills. With a smooth transition to a permanent job, we jointly build a strong foundation for your career.
"Secondment through QGROUP has boosted my career. The variety of projects and flexibility of secondment helped me develop my skills further. In addition, I gained valuable experience at various organisations."
Loes Blankenstein
Personal Assistant
26 JUNE 2023

The benefits of

Opportunity to develop diverse skills and expertise.
Smooth transition to permanent employment.
Expansion of your professional network.

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What is the difference between temp-to-hire and permanent employment?

Temp-to-hire is a setup where you initially work with an organisation on a temporary basis. After a certain period, we discuss the possibility of permanent employment. This allows you to get to know the work environment and company culture better.

Will I be paid by you or the employer?

During the temporary period, you will be paid by us. You work at an organisation but are employed by us. We take care of your salary and other benefits. This means you don't need to worry about payments from the organisation where you work temporarily.

As an interim professional, do I have secondary employment benefits?

Certainly! You are entitled to the same secondary employment benefits as our employees. This means you get the same 25 vacation days as our colleagues. Additionally, you can benefit from the StiPP pension plan.

How does the transition go from temporary work to permanent employment?

This varies depending on the situation. If there is a perfect match between you and your employer, we discuss the possibility of moving into a permanent position. This could mean you are offered a contract with the organisation where you temporarily worked.

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