As an organisation, finding the right finance professional is critical to your success. Not attracting the right talent can hinder opportunities for growth and innovation. That's why we're here to assist you. Discover our range of highly qualified finance professionals to match your business goals and needs.
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The value of finance to organisations

In today's business landscape, the financial sector plays a vital role. This sector stimulates business growth by providing organisations with needed sources of capital. In doing so, finance professionals provide financial stability and guidance on strategic choices.

We support you in your
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It can be challenging for organisations to find the perfect finance professional or interim finance specialist. We understand this challenge. Thanks to our extensive range of finance vacancies, we match you with the right professionals for your organisation.
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The benefits of working

Customised talent placement services
A large network of top finance talent.
A contact person with knowledge about the financial sector.
"Finance is at the heart of business success. With deep knowledge of the finance industry, we help organisations find experts to meet their needs. We open doors to opportunities that fit your organisation's expertise and ambitions and create lasting relationships between organisations and finance professionals."
Joost Röben
Senior Consultant

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What are the benefits of outsourcing finance recruitment with QGROUP?

When you outsource your finance recruitment to QGROUP, you're choosing a partner who understands the subtle nuances of the financial sector. Rather than simply matching resumes, we deep dive into both the needs of the organisation and the ambitions of the professional. Every organisation has a unique culture and dynamic; we specialise in matching those with professionals who fit both on paper and in practice.

Can you provide finance professionals for both temporary and permanent roles?

Absolutely. At QGROUP, we understand that the needs of organisations can vary. That's why we offer a wide range of services. From recruitment for permanent positions to flexible solutions such as freelance, secondment and temp-to-hire. Regardless of the duration or nature of the role, we strive to deliver the perfect match that meets your specific requirements.

How do you find qualified finance professionals for my team?

To find the best finance staff for your team, we start by identifying exactly what your organisation needs. We look at the specific needs and company culture. Then we dive into our extensive database and use the latest technologies to find the perfect match. Our team conducts interviews and assessments to be sure of each professional's skills.

We also see if the candidate is a good fit for your organisation. Thanks to our good contacts with training institutes and financial networks, we stay informed of new talent. This way we make sure we always find the right finance professional for you.