We help companies find the right professionals for their job openings. In a business landscape where regulatory compliance is critical, compliance professionals are the cornerstones of integrity and success. We share your passion for accuracy and ethical behaviour and understand the unique value of their expertise. Whether you are looking for permanent employees or temporary staff, we will provide the ideal match for your organisation.
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The impact of compliance

Compliance, or adherence to legal requirements and ethical standards, is essential to minimise legal risk and ensure integrity. It promotes honest business practices, protects reputation and avoids potential fines. Strong compliance policies are the foundation for building stakeholder trust and promoting sustainable success for your organisation.

The importance of compliance professionals

For organisations, compliance is vital because it ensures that all business is conducted in an orderly and compliant manner. Compliance experts play a crucial role in maintaining integrity and ethical business practices. They develop and implement corporate policies to meet legal and industry standards. Your expertise as a client in this area is key to maintaining organisational integrity, and we help you use this expertise effectively.
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The benefits of working

A wide range of compliance professionals.
Professional legal advice.
Compliance professionals with diverse areas of expertise.
"Qompliant is all about openness, transparency and a personal approach. Our customised approach guarantees success and offers various compliance solutions for organisations. Together, let's take your organisation to the next level."
Joost Röben
Senior Consultant

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What skills and experiences are critical for you in finding compliance professionals?

At QGROUP, we place a strong emphasis on knowledge of current and new legislation when selecting compliance professionals. Thanks to an in-depth screening and selection process, we are able to identify professionals who not only have theoretical knowledge, but can also apply this knowledge practically. This allows us to consistently present highly qualified professionals who can truly make a difference for our clients.

How do I find compliance professionals who are aware of current regulatory standards in my specific industry?

At QGROUP, we keep our own team constantly up-to-date on the latest regulatory developments in various industries. When you work with us, we leverage this insight to identify compliance professionals specifically tailored to your industry's regulatory standards. As a result, you are assured of professionals who, not only know the current standards, but are also fully equipped to meet the unique compliance challenges of your industry.

What kind of aftercare and support do you provide after placing a compliance professional?

Aftercare is an essential part of our service when placing compliance professionals. Our commitment doesn't stop with finding the right specialist for your organisation. We ensure that each compliance professional integrates effortlessly into your team and company culture. To ensure this, we keep an open line of communication with both the professional and your team. We track their progress, provide additional training or support as needed, and are ready to guide them through every stage of their professional development within your organisation.