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In a rapidly changing business environment, flexibility is essential. Short-term projects may seem simple but can be challenging. Searching for reliable temps can cause delays, hindering growth and efficiency. That's why we, as a temp agency, carefully select professionals who meet your specific needs.
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Temporary workers for flexible assignments

Temps selection

Our screening and personal approach ensure speed and quality in filling projects. Furthermore, we choose temps based on qualifications and their fit with your organisational culture. This, combined with a deep understanding of your needs, allows us, as a temp agency, to find the right match.

Alternative solutions

Are you looking for support for longer-term projects? We offer secondment and freelance as alternative solutions. Are you considering hiring a permanent employee? Check out our recruitment process.
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Post a job opening or contact us.


Discuss your specific needs and organisational culture with a consultant.


We introduce you to interim professionals who meet your unique requirements.


The temp works remotely or at your office.


Project completion and evaluation of the collaboration.
"For various IT projects, we've hired developers through QGROUP. They work transparently, quickly, and are reliable."
Jochem van Hardeveld
Founder, Saving Support
11 MRT 2023

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Do you find temps from abroad?

Qlick, our IND-recognised temping agency, focuses on attracting international talent in the IT sector. We're currently working on expanding this service to various expertise areas to offer more possibilities.

What role does my organisation play in the selection process of temps?

As a temp agency, we maintain constant communication with our clients. We highly value your insights and input regarding the requirements and expectations for temps. Collaboration is crucial.

We select candidates who meet both your needs and the required skills. As an organisation, you can assess candidates through an assessment and conduct interviews. Moreover, you determine who the best fit is.

What is a temping clause?

A temping clause is an agreement in a temp contract. The employment contract between the temp and the staffing agency automatically ends when a client terminates the assignment. We have a maximum temping period of 26 weeks.

Does a temping clause impact my organisation?

Yes, a temping clause does have an impact on your organisation. Contract termination can occur immediately and without notice. This provides the flexibility to respond quickly to changing needs.

How do you handle administrative tasks and responsibilities?

We take care of all administrative tasks related to temping. Additionally, we ensure streamlined processes, accurate documentation, and timely reports. This allows you to focus on your core activities.

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