Permanent Employment

Are you a job seeker looking for a permanent job? We discover suitable vacancies and connect you with companies in various fields. Save time and take quick steps towards a successful and long-lasting work relationship.  

Vacancies for 
long-term employment

Realise your ambitions

Your dream job is within reach. With a network of over 100 clients, we carefully select job opportunities that align with your needs. Find permanent employment in a role that provides space to make your ambitions come true.

Personal guidance

We go beyond matching skills to job openings; we understand the person behind the resume. Our team provides personal guidance throughout the entire application process. Your path to success is tailored to you. Together, we ensure that every step towards your new job goes smoothly.

Our recruitment process


Send us your resume, and you will receive a response within 2 business days.


Meet with a consultant to discuss your needs and preferences.


The consultant prepares an introduction email summarising your work experience, availability, salary expectations, and more.


We search for relevant vacancies that match your profile and send the introduction email to the organisation where you want to apply.


The consultant prepares you for the job interview with the potential employer.


After placement, you will stay in touch with the consultant for at least two months to ensure your new job is a good fit for you.
"Thanks to QGROUP, I did not only find a job, but also a career path that fits my ambitions perfectly. Their personal guidance and dedication have helped me take each step with confidence."
Thomas Schepers
System Administrator
25 AUG 2023

The benefits of
permanent employment

We'll make sure you get the benefits of permanent employment right away.
Because of our experience, we understand your qualifications and ambitions to find the right role.
Discover great career opportunities with our clients and take your career to the next level.

Read our FAQ for more information

How does your service guarantee that I find the most suitable permanent job that matches my qualifications and interests?

Discover great career opportunities with our clients and take your career to new heights. We follow a thorough and personalised process from A to Z, preparing, advising and guiding you at every stage. Our consultants carefully assess your skills, experience and ambitions to ensure you are matched with the perfect role that truly suits you.

Do you provide specific preparation or coaching for job interviews?

Absolutely. A unique advantage of our partnership is that we have in-depth knowledge of our clients' selection processes. This allows us to prepare you for interviews perfectly and ensure that you have an advantage in comparison to other candidates.

What industries or sectors are you primarily involved in?

Our vast network allows us to be active in a variety of sectors. This ensures that we can find a permanent job that not only matches your skills, but also in the sector that most appeals to you.

What will it cost me if I make use of your services to find a permanent job?

The best part of our service is that it's completely free of charge for you as a professional. We are here to support you in finding the perfect match. Our priority is your satisfaction and success in your career.

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