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Are you looking for professionals with specialised expertise for a critical project? We connect you with experienced freelancers. They are flexible resources ready to meet your needs seamlessly. Find the most suitable freelancer to boost your success with impactful performance.
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Careful freelancer selection

We understand that choosing the right freelancers can be complex. That's why we're here to help. Our consultants carefully select freelancers that match your specific requirements, saving you valuable time and energy. Leave the guesswork behind; we'll find your ideal match.

Other temporary
work solutions

For long-term projects or the need for interim professionals, consider secondment. It can also help you assess if the professional might be a good fit for your organisation in the future. For simple and short-term tasks, temping is worth considering.
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Post a job opening or contact us.


Discuss your specific needs and organisational culture with a consultant.


We introduce you to freelancers who meet your unique requirements.


The freelancer works remotely or at your location.


Project completion and evaluation of the collaboration.
"What follows is our inspiration. Our goal is to stay involved in the latest IT developments. We have a strong IT team, partly formed by Qlick, playing a significant role in this process."
Reinoud Meijer
Project Manager, Pon Automative
26 JUNE 2023

Read our FAQ for more information

What is the difference between freelancers and "ZZP'ers"?

"ZZP'er" and "freelancer" are often used interchangeably in practice and mean the same thing. There is no difference between the two terms.

How do we assess freelancers' skills and reliability?

Our consultants select freelancers based on their skills and reliability by reviewing their portfolios, resumes, online reviews, and references. They conduct interviews and, if necessary, assessments to determine if their suitability for your project and organisation. If you'd like to assess the freelancers, that's always an option. You decide who you're hiring.

What if a freelancer doesn't meet expectations or fails to complete the project on time?

The first step is to inform us about it. As intermediaries, we can discuss the situation with the freelancer, offer solutions, or arrange a replacement. Open communication helps us keep your project on the right track.

What types of freelancers are available?

We find freelance IT, HR, marketing, finance, compliance, and cyber security specialists.

Is it more cost-effective to hire a freelancer or a temp?

The choice between a freelancer and a temp depends on the required skills, project duration, budget, and desired control. Freelancers offer specialisation and flexibility but may come with higher costs.

Temps are readily available and simplify administrative tasks, but they can be more expensive in the long run. Base your choice on your organisation's needs and consider combining both options.

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