Discover the various possibilities of temporary work. As a staffing agency, we bridge the gap between temps and employers. You can explore and develop your career in different fields with a wide range of interim assignments.  

Work in
different fields

Temps enjoy the freedom and flexibility to work on various interim assignments. This variety stimulates professional growth, expands your network, and provides valuable insights into different fields. It allows you to experiment and explore, helping you discover your talents.

Professional growth

Temping opens doors to valuable experiences in different company cultures and projects. You learn essential qualities for professional growth, like flexibility and adaptability. By participating in various projects, you broaden your expertise.

Our recruitment process


Send us your resume, and you will receive a response within 2 business days.


Meet with a consultant to discuss your needs and preferences.


The consultant prepares an introduction email summarising your work experience, availability, salary expectations, and more.


We search for interim assignments that match your profile.


The consultant sends the introduction email to the organisation where you want to apply.


The consultant prepares you for the job interview with the potential employer.
"My experience with QGROUP was very positive. They exude both professionalism and expertise, combining this with friendliness and transparent communication. I would recommend them without a doubt."
Florin Plutaru
Solution Architect
26 JUNE 2023

The benefits of
temping with QGROUP

Enjoy a good work-life balance with flexible temping assignments.
Our connections give you access to unique temping jobs.
Customised matches, because we understand you.

Read our FAQ for more information

What distinguishes the temping process from secondment?

With temping, you enter into an employment contract that ends as soon as the assignment ends, with no notice period for either party. This flexible arrangement is particularly suitable for short-term assignments that might be extended. With secondment, on the other hand, you are employed by us for a fixed longer term and you are 'lent' to an organisation for that period.

What about sick leave for a temporary employee?

As a temporary worker, after a waiting day, you are entitled to continued payment of part of your wages when you become ill. The exact percentage and length of this continued payment depend on several factors, including the collective bargaining agreement and the length of your employment.

How do you guarantee that I will find a suitable temping assignment?

Our specialists invest time in getting to know your skills, experience and ambitions. Combined with our extensive network of clients, we strive to find temp assignments that seamlessly match your profile and requirements.

What is the average length of a temping assignment through your services?

The duration of a temping assignment can vary depending on the client's needs. It can range from a few weeks to several months, with the possibility of extension in case of positive colaboration.

What types of clients do you work with for temping assignments?

We are proud of our wide and varied network of clients, ranging from start-ups to established multinationals, in sectors such as IT, finance, marketing, and many others. Our diversity in clients allows us to offer a wide range of temping assignments to suit different professional backgrounds and skill sets.

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