Market expansion in Europe with sales outsourcing by QGROUP

Sales Outsourcing

Are you aiming for market expansion in Europe, Asia, or the United States? Our outsourced sales services can support you in this endeavour. With deep knowledge and international experience, we assist innovative B2B companies in entering new regions. We simplify the process, manage sales from start to finish, and deliver successful outcomes.
More customers through lead generation and dealmaking

Boost your growth with sales outsourcing

Our dedicated team is ready to handle the entire sales process for you. From initial contact to closing deals, we lead the way with acquisition, lead generation, and dealmaking. This allows your company to focus on core activities and explore new growth opportunities.

Sales outsourcing with Sqales

As your strategic partner for sales outsourcing, our label, Sqales, takes over the entire sales process. The team enhances your growth strategy with tailor-made solutions and creates business opportunities that increase revenue.
"Our collaboration with Sqales has been positive. It's crucial for us that they have an understanding of technology and grasp the challenges of our target audience. The team is always willing to improve our partnership to optimise results."
Aleksi Montonen
Head of Business Development,
22 JULY 2023

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What is sales outsourcing?

Sales outsourcing is when a specialised external team, like Sqales, oversees the entire sales process. This includes finding potential customers, generating leads, negotiating, and making deals.

By outsourcing this expertise, businesses can focus on their core activities while benefiting from professional sales strategies and growth opportunities.

What sales strategies are there?

There are various sales strategies, such as:

- Consultative Selling
Salespeople ask targeted questions to understand customer needs and then offer customised solutions.

- Solution Selling
Recognising customer problems and providing solutions, including products, services, and implementation plans that meet their needs.

- Value Selling
Highlighting the value a product or service adds to customers.

- Inbound Sales
Attracting potential customers through valuable content, like blogs and webinars.

- Outbound Sales
Proactively contacting potential customers via email, phone, or in person.

- Account-Based Sales
Focusing on strategically important individual customers or accounts.

- Social Selling
Using social media to build relationships with potential customers, like LinkedIn.

- Cross-selling and upselling
Cross-selling means offering additional products or services that complement what the customer has already bought. Upselling focuses on providing a more expensive version or upgrade of the current product or service.

Each strategy has unique benefits and fits a variety of goals and customer needs. It is important to choose the right strategy based on context and customer type.

How does effective dealmaking work?

Effective dealmaking involves strategic negotiation and creating win-win situations. It requires in-depth knowledge of your products, services, and customer needs. By listening and offering solutions, we build trust and increase the chances of successful deals.

What are effective B2B lead generation tactics?

In the B2B context, lead generation tactics include content marketing, webinars, sharing insights on social media, targeted SEO, and valuable sources of contact information. Personal approaches and networking also play a crucial role in building solid relationships. This strategic mix leads to high-quality leads and business success.

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