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Looking to strengthen your HR department? Our network of HR professionals have diverse skills and experience. We also offer a wide range of opportunities, from permanent jobs to interim contracts. This to make sure you will always find the right match for your organisation.
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The importance of HR

Human Resources (HR) is an essential department within any organisation. HR professionals are responsible of finding, developing and retaining top talent. In addition, they create a positive work culture and support your organisation's HR strategy.

Optimise your HR department

We understand that finding the right HR professionals is not always easy. That's why we help you select the best HR specialists. By working with us, you will optimise your HR department and make your organisation grow.
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The benefits of working

Consultants with a background in HR to identify key qualities.
A wide range of HR professionals with work experience in various industries.
Quick and efficient filling of HR vacancies with experts who fit your culture.
"Our personalised coaching helps organisations form HR departments that are aligned with their vision and ambitions, promoting professional growth and organisational development. Our approach establishes lasting partnerships between organisations and HR professionals."
Sergio Bertijn
Head of Operations

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How does QGROUP support our organisation throughout the recruitment process for HR positions?

QGROUP will guide your organisation from A to Z throughout the recruitment process. This starts with accurately identifying the specific needs and requirements for the HR role. Then we actively search for suitable candidates, conduct pre-selection interviews and offer guidance during the interview phase. Finally, we assist in contract negotiations and ensure a smooth onboarding of the selected professional.

How do you ensure that my organisation is matched with qualified HR professionals?

The process is preceded by a thorough analysis of your needs in which we identify the specific requirements and wishes of your organisation. This detailed approach allows us to ensure a perfect match between the needs and skills of the HR professional. Furthermore, we maintain continuous contact with both the client and the professional during the introduction phase to ensure that everything goes smoothly. We always strive for a long-term, successful collaboration.

Can you provide support for both HR recruitment and human resource strategy and development?

Absolutely, at QGROUP we not only help you find the best professionals for your team, but we also support you in creating an effective HR strategy. We do more than just fill vacancies; we provide a strong HR approach that strengthens and moves your organisation forward.