Are you a driven professional looking for flexibility and growth opportunities? As a staffing agency, we find the ideal match between your expertise and the needs of our clients. We work quickly and efficiently to support your career goals.

What is broadcasting?

Our screening and personal approach ensure speed and quality in filling projects. Furthermore, we choose temps based on qualifications and their fit with your organisational culture. This, combined with a deep understanding of your needs, allows us, as a temp agency, to find the right match.

Temporary employment at QGROUP

We maintain a maximum agency term of 26 weeks. Our team understands the unique needs of professionals and strives to find the right match between talent and clients. You will be guided throughout the staffing process by a consultant who will act as your sparring partner.
"Our collaboration with Sqales has been positive. It's crucial for us that they have an understanding of technology and grasp the challenges of our target audience. The team is always willing to improve our partnership to optimise results."
Aleksi Montonen
Head of Business Development, Custobar
29 FEB 2023

The benefits of

A successful agency period can lead to permanent employment.
Gain new knowledge and insights into different organizations and industries.
Developing adaptability through new work environments.

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What are the differences between staffing and secondment?

Temping and secondment differ in the way flexible work is completed. Temporary employment involves an agency clause. This means that the employment contract ends automatically the moment the client terminates the assignment. The maximum agency period is 26 weeks.

Keep in mind that both the employer and candidate have no notice period with a temporary employment contract. We have temporary assignments for short periods with the prospect of extension. In secondment, you are "loaned" to an organization for a longer period of time, but are employed by us.

What rights do I have as a temporary worker?

You are entitled to a fair wage that is at least the legal minimum wage, timely payment and the same working conditions as permanent employees. You are also entitled to a safe working environment and are eligible for maternity leave and continued pay. Note that this varies by law, employment and collective bargaining agreement.

What happens if no temp assignments are available?

If temporary assignments are not available, it may mean that there are temporarily no suitable vacancies for which you can be considered. In such a situation, we will do our best to find interim assignments that match your experience and skills.

We will continue to actively search for opportunities and notify you as soon as new opportunities become available.

As a temporary worker, do I get paid when I am sick?

In general, temporary workers are entitled to continued payment of a percentage of their wages during illness. The specific percentage and duration vary by situation.

As a temporary worker, can I negotiate salary and benefits?

We are your sparring partner and negotiate with the client on your behalf to achieve a favorable offer. It is important to communicate openly and clearly about your expectations so that we can represent you in the best way possible.

The client determines the final offer, but our team is committed to reaching a deal that meets your needs.

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