Professionals for temporary projects or staff shortages


In the dynamic environment of organisations, temporary staff shortages can lead to delays and high work pressure. We provide professional staff on a temporary basis to support and strengthen your team. By deploying our professionals, you create breathing space for your current staff, allowing them to focus entirely on achieving organisational goals.
QGROUP as a specialist in secondment for temporary staffing needs

Stimulate organisational growth

Our expertise in secondment offers the ideal solution for your temporary staffing needs. As a staffing agency, we provide the best professionals for interim assignments. We handle all administrative tasks, including contracts and salaries, so you can concentrate on driving organisational growth without distractions.

Short-term interim projects

Looking for professionals for short projects? Explore our other interim solutions, such as freelance and temping. Choose what suits your needs best and enhance your project with our diverse network of expertise.
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"Collaborating with QGROUP equals quality. Their excellent market knowledge and extensive network result in a fast and efficient service. The recruitment process is swift, and the proposed candidates are experts in their field. We are highly satisfied."
Jasper Ohler
Senior Talent Acquisition
Specialist, LeasePlan
02 AUG 2022

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Why do organisations choose secondment?

Organisations opt for secondment because of its flexibility in responding to changing staffing needs. It enables quick access to specialised skills without long-term commitments. Additionally, secondment helps with cost control and obtaining expertise for specific projects.

Secondment ensures rapid deployment of personnel and risk management, often through staffing agencies. This reduces overhead costs and avoids time-consuming recruitment processes for temporary tasks.

How long can secondment last?

The duration of temping varies based on contracts, project length, and local laws. Generally, it can last from weeks to years, depending on specific needs. Additionally, some countries have legal restrictions on this period.

Who pays VAT in secondment?

Usually, the staffing agency pays the VAT. They send an invoice to the organisation where the secondee will work. Depending on local laws, the organisation can deduct the paid VAT as expenses. Keep in mind that this may vary in other countries.

What is the difference between secondment and temping?

Secondment and temping are ways for professionals to work temporarily for other organisations. The difference is that secondment involves specialists being lent to another organisation for longer-term projects. In contrast, temping involves professionals being lent to different clients for shorter assignments.

What happens when a secondee is temporarily unavailable?

When one of our secondees is temporarily unavailable, we explore various solutions. The client's team can take over the absent colleague's tasks, or we can arrange for a replacement. We adjust the schedule and make new arrangements together.

It's essential to discuss the situation with us. The right approach depends on the duration of the professional's absence and the agreements in place. Our goal is to continue operations as smoothly as possible without unnecessary disruptions.

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