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Explore new dimensions in your HR career. We provide HR professionals with diverse work options, including permanent employment and interim contracts, allowing them to use their expertise in versatile ways. It strengthens organisations' HR strategies and stimulates the growth of their skills.

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The importance of HR

Human Resources (HR) is necessary within organisations and revolves around personnel management, such as recruitment, development, and retention. The HR department fosters a positive work culture, training, policies, strategy, and labour relations. HR experts aim to optimise individual performance and the organisation's overall growth.

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"We assist HR professionals in discovering unique career opportunities. With personal guidance, we help you build a meaningful career that aligns with your passions and ambitions. We find a match that positively influences your professional growth and development.”
Sergio Bertijn
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What do you need to work in Human Resources?

Working in Human Resources requires communication skills, empathy, and problem-solving ability. Understanding labour laws, personnel management, and organisational psychology is essential.

What education is required for a career in HR?

The required education varies depending on the specific position and level within the HR field. While a bachelor's or master's degree can be valuable, experience and certifications like PHR often play a crucial role in determining suitability. Furthermore, ongoing learning is essential to stay up-to-date and be successful in this field.

Why choose a career in HR?

A career in Human Resources offers a unique opportunity to help organisations achieve greater success. As an HR expert, you drive talent development, labour relations, and company culture. Additionally, you contribute to employee well-being and the growth potential of organisations.

What are the different roles within HR?

Within the HR field, various roles are known, such as HR manager, recruiter, HR advisor, payroll administrator, HR coordinator, talent manager, and labour lawyer. Each role has specific responsibilities contributing to effective personnel management and promoting a positive work environment.

What does an HR role involve?

An HR role involves effectively managing and optimising various aspects of personnel within an organisation. This includes recruitment, training and development, labour relations, payroll administration, policy development, and compliance with labour laws.

HR specialists aim to create a positive work environment, support employees, and contribute to the organisation's overall success.