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Finding qualified professionals for key positions remains challenging, especially when confidentiality is crucial. Executive search, or headhunting, provides the solution. We specialise in executive recruitment and systematically identify the best talent for management roles.
Qualified staff of c-level personnel

Strategic executive search

Our consultants find the best candidates for C-level positions using advanced technologies like AI, data analysis, and machine learning. With a keen eye for talent, we achieve successful placements that make a difference. This approach contributes to your organisation's growth and performance and differentiates us from other executive search agencies.

Boost your team

We offer solutions for staffing needs across all levels of your organisation. Need permanent staff to strengthen your team? Our recruitment process goes beyond filling vacancies. We find professionals with the right skills and cultural fit.
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Our executive
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Interview with the professional.


Offer and evaluation of the recruitment process.
"QGROUP is very good at finding high-quality security talent based on your criteria. They managed to attract good professionals and helped us fill challenging positions."
Paul Moreno
VP Information Security
11 JUNE 2023

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What is executive search?

Executive search, also known as "headhunting," is a specialised form of recruitment that focuses on finding candidates for senior and executive positions within organisations.

Headhunting goes beyond traditional recruitment by actively seeking qualified professionals from the "hidden" talent pool. The aim is to find suitable individuals who can significantly impact an organisation's strategic growth and performance.

Which positions are part of executive search?

Within executive search, we focus on finding candidates for leadership roles such as CEO, COO, CFO, CTO, and other C-level positions. It also includes director-level positions and other strategic management roles within organisations.

Can you create job profiles for executive positions?

Certainly! We start each collaboration with an introductory conversation in which we discuss your specific needs, requirements, and organisational culture. We identify the best candidates based on this information and our recruitment expertise.

How do you identify passive candidates for management roles?

Our approach to identifying passive candidates is proactive and targeted. We use methods such as comprehensive market research and network analysis. This allows us to find potential candidates not actively seeking new roles. We approach them and share the opportunities within your organisation.

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