Secondment empowers you to drive organisations forward, and as a secondment agency, we take the initiative to guide you in this journey. Become an expert in your field and enjoy secondment's freedom and flexibility.

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a secondee

We find secondment opportunities that match your expertise and ambitions. This allows you to work with various organisations, bringing variety and growth opportunities. At the same time, we offer stability with a permanent employment so you can focus on making an impact.

You are the focus

Choose us as your secondment agency and experience a partner who goes beyond just finding assignments. You are the focus and have one dedicated point of contact for guidance and support. Whether it's career growth, assignment questions, or motivation, we are here.

Our recruitment process


Send us your resume, and you will receive a response within 2 business days.


Meet with a consultant to discuss your needs and preferences.


Join our team while our consultants search for placement opportunities.


Work alongside the consultant on various placement projects and choose the one that aligns with your goals.


The consultant will reach out to the client to introduce you.


The consultant prepares you for the job interview with the potential employer.
"Secondment through QGROUP has boosted my career. The variety of projects and flexibility of secondment helped me develop my skills further. In addition, I gained valuable experience at various organisations."
Loes Blankenstein
Personal Assistant
26 JUNE 2023

The benefits of
secondment at QGROUP

Take advantage of varied projects while having the security of a fixed income.
Enjoy new challenges through seamless transition.
Attractive benefits such as pension and travel expenses.

Read our FAQ for more information

What are the benefits for me as a professional to be seconded through you?

There are several benefits to working as a secondee through us. First, we offer access to an extensive network of esteemed clients, which means you can choose from a variety of opportunities and industries. In addition, we work closely with leading organisations, allowing you to get involved in exciting projects and enhance your professional resume.

In addition, we provide a constant flow of new assignments thanks to our diverse client base, meaning you can continually work on your professional development.

Is there room for professional growth and development when I work for a client as a secondee?

Absolutely, with us, growth is one of the main goals. When you demonstrate your skills, dedication and performance during an assignment, you become valuable to the client. This opens the door to new opportunities, such as gaining more responsibilities or even taking on leadership roles within the company.

Can I choose which clients I want to be seconded to?

Your needs are central to the assignments we select. We strive to place you with clients that truly suit you, both in terms of skills and culture. By doing so, we ensure a better match and a more satisfying experience for you as a professional.

Do you offer training or continuing education opportunities during my secondment?

We strive to meet your professional development needs. Whether training and continuing education opportunities are available depends on the specific assignment. Our consultants are ready to connect with you and discuss how we can contribute to your growth and development during your secondment.

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