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What is permanent employment?

Permanent employment offers stability, security, and opportunities for professional growth. It's the key to a successful career. You get the chance to further develop your expertise and build lasting relationships with employers.

Permanent employment
for starters

Choosing permanent employment is a good idea if you've just graduated. It provides a stable foundation to build your career. A permanent job helps you develop new skills, gain experience, and grow within an organisation. Many organisations offer internal or external training to improve your knowledge.
"Thanks to QGROUP, I did not only find a job, but also a career path that fits my ambitions perfectly. Their personal guidance and dedication have helped me take each step with confidence."
Thomas Schepers
System Administrator
25 AUG 2023

The benefits of
permanent employment

A steady income to achieve your financial plans and goals.
Long-term benefits like retirement and parental leave.
Social security, including protection from unjustified dismissal.

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What is a permanent contract?

A permanent contract, or a permanent employment agreement, is a long-lasting work agreement without a specific end date. It provides stability and security for both employees and employers. Usually, you are offered a permanent contract after a period of temporary contracts or a probationary period.

How do you support me in finding a new job?

We support you by giving you access to a network of over 100 employers and a wide range of job openings. In addition, we provide guidance throughout the job application process and offer advice on career opportunities.

The duration of the job search process varies depending on your experience, the available vacancies, and how well you match potential employers. When you express interest in a job vacancy we share with you, we contact the organisation with your profile. If they are equally interested, we schedule a job interview.

How do you find suitable vacancies?

We have a team of experienced consultants specialising in specific fields such as IT, marketing, and compliance. Based on your resume, work experience, and preferences, we select job vacancies that align with your ambitions and career goals.

Do I have to pay for your assistance?

No, you do not need to pay for our assistance. Your future employer covers the fee.

What happens after I start at an organisation?

After you are placed with an organisation, we stay in contact for at least two months. We do this to ensure the transition to your new job goes smoothly.

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