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In a demanding job market, a staff shortage often leads to delays and missed growth opportunities. Our network of 112,000+ professionals offers the solution. We act swiftly and carefully to select the ideal candidates for your vacancies—professionals who fit within your company culture and strengthen the team.
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How we assist with staffing needs

As recruitment experts, we go beyond traditional hiring. With expertise in various fields like marketing, compliance, and IT, we find the ideal match for your organisation. We understand your unique requirements and identify candidates who meet them and align with your organisational culture. Experience effective and efficient staff recruitment with our dedicated team.

Temporary staff shortage

Facing a temporary staff shortage due to parental leave, a big project, or something else? We offer flexible solutions such as secondment, freelance, and temping. With our expertise, we find interim professionals who ensure commitment and project continuity.
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Post a job opening or contact us.


Discuss your specific needs and organisational culture with a consultant.


We post the vacancy and actively search for suitable candidates.


We interview and assess the selected candidates.


We present the best candidates to you with their assessments.


Together, we evaluate the recruitment process.
"Since partnering with QGROUP, the recruitment process has become faster, and the quality of candidates has improved. Through our long-standing collaboration, they have become a trusted partner with whom I can be frank. That's reassuring."
Kim Krauwel
Managing partner, Bravoure
12 JAN 2023

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What is recruitment?

Recruitment, also known as hiring or staffing, is the process by which organisations search for suitable candidates to fill open positions. This process involves attracting, identifying, selecting, and hiring employees to meet the organisation's needs.

Recruitment agencies or staffing firms focus on assisting organisations in finding suitable candidates for their job openings. These agencies have recruitment experts who have knowledge of various industries and methods for sourcing and evaluating candidates.

As intermediaries between organisations and candidates, recruiters take an active role. Additionally, they can coordinate and manage the entire recruitment and selection process.

What are the recruitment channels?

 Various recruitment channels and methods are available for attracting and selecting suitable candidates for open positions. Here are some of the most used recruitment channels:

- Online recruitment channels
These include social media, company websites, job boards, and job posting websites.

- Recruitment agencies
These specialised agencies support organisations in finding suitable candidates for job vacancies like us. These agencies often have recruitment consultants or individual experts who advise and assist organisations in meeting their staffing needs.

- Internal recruitment channels
This includes internal job postings and sharing job vacancies with current employees to allow them to advance internally.

- Executive search and direct approach
Contacting professionals passively seeking new jobs or approaching executive search firms specialising in finding executives.

Universities and educational institutions
Campus recruitment actively recruits recent graduates and students from colleges or universities. 

What is the selection process?

In the selection process, a part of recruitment and selection, we search for and assess potential candidates for open vacancies. We screen job postings, evaluate resumes, coordinate interviews, and assess applicants. The goal is to achieve the best match between candidates and organisations.

What is the difference between recruitment and temping?

Recruitment focuses on attracting, finding, and hiring permanent employees for permanent positions. On the other hand, temping involves temporarily loaning personnel to other organisations for specific tasks or projects.

How do I find the best recruitment agency?

Selecting the right recruitment agency for your staffing needs requires a careful approach. Here are the steps you can follow to make the best choice:

- Start with specialisation
Find recruitment agencies that specialise in your industry. This increases the chances of finding a good match with candidates familiar with your sector.

- Assess reputation and experience
Research the reputation and experience of the selected agencies. This can provide insights into their track record and success with previous placements.

- Request references
Request references from clients who have previously worked with the agency, offering valuable insights into their performance and service.

- Transparency
Ensure that the chosen agency is transparent about its process and costs. Clear communication prevents surprises.

- Prioritise candidate selection
Ensure that the recruitment agency treats this as a top priority and conducts a thorough evaluation.

- Network
A bureau with a broad network has access to various professionals, increasing your chances of finding the ideal candidate.

- Connection and trust
Ultimately, the personal connection and trust between you and the bureau are crucial. A harmonious collaboration contributes to a successful match.

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