No fixed office hours or commute trips. Work when it suits you and create the ideal work-life balance. We support your independent lifestyle and offer challenging freelance assignments with transparent contracts. Move with our growing network of more than 112,000 professionals.

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What is freelance

Freelance (or zzp) is a form of employment where you are self-employed working on various assignments, without long-term commitments. It offers the freedom to set your own rates, choose projects, clients and working hours.

Working as a freelancer

As a freelancer, you experience the freedom to turn your passion into profit. With our professional support, you are guaranteed success in the competitive freelance market. We offer you the ideal environment to expand your skills and build valuable connections.
"With QGROUP's wide range of freelance assignments, I found work that truly suits me. Moreover, I received support with administration and invoicing, allowing me to fully focus on my profession and grow as a freelancer."
Martijn van der Meer
Front-end Developer
02 SEPT 2023

The advantages of

Working on your own brand to position yourself as an expert in a field
Choosing projects that fit your interests, skills and goals.
Setting your own rates to achieve financial goals.
Working with the leading companies
We work with the largest professional network in the Netherlands, so you can always ask for help from a peer.
Advancement with a permanent contract ?

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What do I need to know before I start freelancing?

Start by identifying your skills and specialties to determine your niche. Then delve into administrative aspects, such as preparing rates and understanding tax and insurance issues. In addition, it is essential to be independent, disciplined and flexible.

What taxes and obligations must I fulfill as a freelancer?

There are certain taxes and administrative obligations you need to consider. First, you must register yourself with the Chamber of Commerce (CoC) and apply for a VAT number if you are liable for VAT. In addition, you need to declare your income to the tax authorities and file an annual income tax return.

You must keep proper records, such as recording income and expenses, keeping invoices and receipts, and preparing financial statements. It is also wise to seek advice from an accountant to ensure that you meet all the requirements and do not overlook important matters.

As a freelancer, how do I get paid for my work?

There are several ways to get paid for your work. For example, you send invoices to clients stating the services rendered and the agreed rate. It is important to make proper arrangements for payment terms and any prepayments.

In addition, you can use online payment platforms, such as PayPal, Stripe or bank transfers. Make sure you have a professional and well-organized billing system to handle payments efficiently.

Want to simplify it? Our label Faqtoring offers factoring, to take your financial worries off your hands. They buy your invoices, so you get paid the invoice amount within 24 hours.

What legal aspects should I consider when freelancing?

Establish clear and detailed contracts with your clients that define the work, fees, deadlines and liability. Seek legal advice or use standard contracts so that your interests are well protected. It is therefore essential to consider liability and purchase professional liability insurance. This will protect you from potential claims for damages.

What insurances are important for freelancers?

Professional liability insurance protects you from potential claims due to mistakes or negligence in your work.

Disability insurance protects your income if you are unable to work due to illness or injury.

Business liability insurance protects you from claims. Speak with an insurance advisor to determine which policies are best for your situation.

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