Are you a dedicated professional looking for freelance opportunities? We discover unique challenges that make the most of your expertise. Our extensive network of 100+ clients offers exciting projects that align with your ambitions and skills.


Boost your freelance career

We understand the unique needs of freelancers and aim to enhance your freelance experience. With our vast network of 100+ clients, we provide various engaging freelance assignments tailored to your expertise and interests.

Administrative support

As a freelancer, you gain access to a wide range of assignments that match your aspirations. Additionally, our administrative support ensures you can focus on what you do best – delivering quality services and excelling in your field.

Our recruitment process


Send us your resume, and you will receive a response within 2 business days.


Meet with a consultant to discuss your needs and preferences.


The consultant prepares an introduction email summarising your work experience, availability, salary expectations, and more.


We search for freelance assignments that suit you.


The consultant sends the email to the organisation where you want to apply.


The consultant prepares you for the job interview with the potential employer.
"With QGROUP's wide range of freelance assignments, I found work that truly suits me. Moreover, I received support with administration and invoicing, allowing me to fully focus on my profession and grow as a freelancer."
Martijn van der Meer
Front-end Developer
02 MAY 2023

The benefits of working as a freelancer with QGROUP

Get access to a wide range of unique freelance assignments.
With our expertise and database, we quickly find the right assignment for you.
As a freelancer, you are never alone; our support extends beyond your assignments.

Read our FAQ for more information

What is important to understand before I start working as a freelancer?

Start by discovering your own talents and expertise to find your specific field. In addition, delve into the business side of freelancing, such as setting your prices and understanding tax and insurance issues. In addition, it is crucial to be able to work independently, have discipline and be flexible.

How do you ensure that I receive a fair rate for my freelance work?

With us, your satisfaction is key. We have a thorough understanding of market rates and are committed to ensuring that you receive a rate that does justice to your expertise and experience. Open communication and transparency are the foundation of our partnership, so you always know you're getting a fair rate.

How does your organisation help me find challenging freelance assignments that fit my expertise?

We invest time to really get to know you as a professional: your skills, ambitions, desires and more. With this knowledge, we match you with assignments from our extensive network that truly suit you. Throughout the entire process, we guide you, from introduction to actually getting the assignment, to ensure a smooth and successful collaboration.

What is the payment process for freelancers through your service?

Each month you send us your invoice, based on the agreed hourly rate and hours worked. We handle the administration quickly and efficiently, then ensure timely payment according to our payment terms. This allows you to fully focus on your current assignment without worrying about financial administration.

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