Financial freedom and risk protection with factoring at QGROUP


Don't let long payment terms and unpaid invoices slow down your company's growth any longer. Choose financial freedom with factoring and complete risk protection. No missed opportunities, just improved cash flow. We buy your invoices and provide immediate liquidity so you can focus on growth and success.
Accelerate your cash flow with factoring

Boost your cash flow

Factoring is a financing option that accelerates the growth of small and medium-sized businesses by improving their cash flow. With our label, Faqtoring, we offer a solution to long customer payment terms. We purchase your outstanding invoices, arrange prompt payment, and take full responsibility for debt management and non-payment risk.

Factoring Management

The Faqtoring portal offers a user-friendly experience for small and medium-sized businesses. You have complete control over your factoring process while we handle a smooth, worry-free transaction behind the scenes. Simplify your invoicing process and let us bear the financial burdens.
"Thanks to our collaboration with Faqtoring, our freelancers have the flexibility to choose when they get paid. The processes are smooth, and the communication is clear. I recommend this as a valuable additional service to freelancers in any organisation."
Frank Oudshoorn
Managing Consultant, DIQQ
14 JAN 2023

Read our FAQ for more information

What is factoring?

Factoring is a financing method where a company sells unpaid invoices to a factoring company. In exchange, the company receives a portion of the invoice amount immediately. This helps companies get paid quickly and transfer the risk of late payments or non-payment.

Can I upload all my outstanding invoices?

No, you can only upload invoices with a value above 5,000 euros.

How quickly are invoices paid?

We operate various factoring packages with varying payment terms, ranging from less than 24 hours to a maximum of 5 business days.

What happens if the debtor goes bankrupt?

If the debtor goes bankrupt, it has no impact on your company. Factoring operates with non-recourse factoring, which means we are responsible for non-payment risk.

What documents and information are required for the factoring process?

Several documents and information are required for the factoring process, including:

- Invoices
You need copies of all outstanding invoices you want to submit for factoring.

- Proof of delivery
It's essential to provide evidence that goods have been delivered or services have been completed. This can range from receipt records to project completion confirmations.

- Debtor Information
Provide basic details about your debtors, such as their name, address, and contact information. This helps in identifying the parties you do business with.

- Invoice terms
Ensure that copies of the invoices are provided with clear payment terms. This is necessary for managing payment expectations.

- Contracts and agreements
Submit the contracts and agreements you have with customers. These documents outline the nature of the goods or services provided and the associated payment terms.

- Identification documents
Ensure you have the identification documents of the individuals authorised to sign the factoring agreement on behalf of the company. This ensures the legal validity of the contract.

- Bank details
Provide the necessary bank information to receive payments. This is crucial for quick processing of financial transactions.

- Debtor creditworthiness
Information about the creditworthiness of your customers is required. It helps us assess risk and determine financing options.

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