In a market full of IT talent, finding the right professionals can be challenging. We understand that it is not always easy to match the perfect talent with your needs. That's why our dedicated team of experts is here for you. With our extensive network of IT professionals, we make sure you find the right person for your vacancy or project.
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The impact of IT professionals

In a business environment where technology is constantly changing, digital transformation and innovation are central to successful business operations. For clients, this means selecting the right IT specialists capable of developing, implementing and managing technology strategies. These strategies optimise business operations, drive innovation and ensure a distinctive market position. Choose experts who understand and foster contemporary business success.

The ideal IT match

Looking for driven IT experts who perfectly match your organisation's ambitions and goals? We specialise in matching companies with professionals who have the required expertise. Whether you're looking for a permanent employee, someone for secondment or a freelancer, we'll make sure you find the perfect IT specialist.
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The benefits of working

Access to a wide network of IT professionals.
Broad connections within the
IT sector.
Assurance of top quality
IT talent.
"We are experts in connecting organisations with the best IT professionals. Our deep knowledge of the IT industry enables us to find perfect matches between organisations and IT experts, driving joint success through growth and opportunity."
Koen van der Drift
Managing Director, DIQQ

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How can QGROUP help me find qualified IT professionals?

At QGROUP, we combine velocity, reliability and expertise. Thanks to our deep-rooted experience in the IT sector, we have an extensive network of highly qualified professionals. We strive to not only meet, but exceed your recruitment needs by delivering the perfect candidate for every project. With QGROUP as your partner, you can count on a team that knows the IT industry inside out as well as your organisation's specific needs and requirements.

What specific IT roles can you help fill?

We can assist in filling a wide range of IT positions, ranging from developers to network administrators to UX/UI Designers. Thanks to our extensive experience and vast network, we can quickly find the right professional for your specific need. Whether you're looking for someone for a short-term project or a permanent role, QGROUP has the capacity and expertise to meet your requirements.

How do you ensure the integration of IT professionals into our existing teams?

Integration begins with the right selection. At QGROUP, we emphasise thorough qualification and preparation of our professionals. After the matching process, we provide extensive aftercare, in which we prepare the professional for their new role within your organisation. This allows them to contribute effectively from day one and adapt effortlessly to the existing company culture and team dynamics.

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