Stay in charge of
your invoices

Factoring offers a simple and flexible financing solution. We take over your outstanding invoices, allowing you to get paid within 24 hours. This solution enables you to be independent of payment deadlines and run your business worry-free. You decide when to use our service and are in charge of your invoices.

A healthy cash flow
for your business

Upload your unpaid invoices to our portal and receive the total invoice amount within 24 hours. It's that simple. We handle the entire invoicing process for you, taking care of all possible risks. No more endless waiting for payments, just smooth and worry-free business while your cash flow keeps flowing.

Sign up now and upload your invoices and debtors. We'll immediately conduct a thorough credit check, giving you the confidence to realise your growth potential. Choose financial stability with a healthy cash flow.

The factoring process

Sign up
Create an account on our website and add your debtors.
Upload invoices
Upload your outstanding invoices in our portal and choose one of our packages.
Receive payment
You will receive the invoice amount in your account within 24 hours, depending on the selected package.

Move with Faqtoring

We provide a work environment where innovation and teamwork are at the core. As part of our team, you simplify financial processes and promote business growth. We welcome ideas, support professional development, and strive for a positive impact. Interested? Apply now!