The successful collaboration between Bravoure and our label DIQQ


Since April 2021, Bravoure and DIQQ have joined forces and achieved 35 successful placements. On the occasion of this success, we spoke with Kim Krauwel, Managing Partner at Bravoure. Kim shares her experiences about working with Frank Oudshoorn of DIQQ and shines her light on the positive changes in the recruitment process since their partnership.  

About Bravoure  

Bravoure is a strategic digital agency specializing in creating digital brands, products and ecosystems that future-proof businesses. In today's world, where people engage with brands online, a digital approach is essential to building a successful business.

"We help brands step forward and go through the digital transition. We do this with a team of 30 to 40 colleagues, consisting of strategists, digital designers and developers. We've been doing all this for 16 years."

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The challenges for Bravoure  

A few years ago, the recruiting world was less hectic. Companies, such as Bravour, posted job openings on their own platforms and received plenty of responses. Back then, using recruiters felt redundant. But as Bravoure began to focus on attracting senior talent, the value of partners like DIQQ became apparent.

With changing times, the job market for development roles became increasingly competitive. "We noticed that we weren't always getting vacancies filled through our own channels. Fortunately, we still have people coming to us directly, but it has become 50/50 in the meantime. In addition, candidates often have multiple interviews going on which means things can still go wrong even in the negotiation phase."

"I am happy to have Frank as a permanent contact who knows me and Bravoure well."

The added value of DIQQ

"My contact with Frank Oudshoorn has been very pleasant and fast. From the beginning a lot of time was put into building a fine cooperation. In the beginning we were still a bit searching and it was not always the right match. But because you have a long-term partnership, you get to know each other's wishes and needs better.

When I am not satisfied with the shared profiles, I indicate this immediately and it is listened to carefully. There is always room for both positive and negative evaluation. It's really about quality and I want the feedback to be well sparred. I like to have a recruitment agency as a sparring partner so that we can come up with better profiles and assumptions.

When I compare DIQQ to other agencies, I especially like that they are not too pusillanimous. Other agencies sometimes call or email too often. I don't work much with recruitment agencies, but notice that DIQQ delivers quality quickly."

Kim Krauwel on the collaboration  

"The cooperation is professional, informal and proactive. I find Frank a very pleasant person to have contact with. He knows how to combine professionalism with a relaxed attitude. With his long-term involvement, he has a good understanding of who we are. Overall, he knows a lot, knows the people and projects and can anticipate them well. I am happy to have Frank as a permanent contact who knows me and Bravoure well. That is ultimately the most important thing." 

The results  

Since the collaboration between Bravoure and DIQQ, there has been a significant acceleration and quality improvement in the recruitment process. Together they have now achieved more than 34 successful placements. The relationship between Bravoure and DIQQ has developed over time into a close sparring partner relationship, where openness and honesty are key.

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