The successful collaboration between AFS Group and DIQQ


Wietske, Corporate Recruiter at AFS Group, shares her experience since starting their partnership with DIQQ in August 2021. She highlights the challenges AFS Group previously faced. With DIQQ's expertise and commitment, AFS Group saw remarkable improvement, making this collaboration a valuable partnership.


About AFS Group

AFS Group, an independent broker with a history of more than 170 years, serves as an essential intermediary for financial institutions, corporate clients and government and semi-government institutions.Recently, AFS Group has experienced significant growth, increasing its staff from 80 to 150. Today, AFS Group is known as a leading provider of financial products and renewable energy.

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AFS Group's challenges

Until 2020, AFS Group did not have a specialized recruitment department. It was the HR manager who was responsible for the recruitment process and worked with various agencies. Due to the significant growth of the company, it was decided to create a dedicated recruitment department consisting of the HR manager and a corporate recruiter.

Although AFS Group was succeeding on many fronts, expanding their IT team proved more challenging. A shortage of qualified applicants was eating up time and energy. This eventually led them to partner with DIQQ.


The power of DIQQ

AFS Group initially started working with DIQQ to fill their IT vacancies. But, thanks to the successes achieved, the cooperation quickly expanded to other job areas. It was noticed that DIQQ achieved results more smoothly and efficiently compared to other recruitment agencies.

Daily communication between the two parties ensures that DIQQ is always aware of the latest job openings. This transparent line of communication enhances the recruitment process, allowing for a quick and appropriate response to changing needs.

In specific areas of expertise such as compliance, where knowledge is more limited internally at AFS Group, DIQQ's help is enlisted. DIQQ's existing contacts with potential candidates give them an edge in the search process. Although working with a recruitment agency may incur additional costs, the chances of a faster and successful match are significantly greater.

"Thanks to my trusted connection with DIQQ, contacting Koen when a new position is open has become almost routine."

Wietske on the collaboration

"When I compare working with DIQQ with other recruitment agencies I notice a difference in the clear communication and quick lines of communication. We have an open line of communication where we can be completely transparent. Even when there is feedback or criticism about certain things. The result is an honest and sincere bond. In addition, I can spar well with Koen.

DIQQ understands what we need and sometimes only needs a few words. They listen to our needs and know the requirements of the market."

"Maintaining contact and understanding the market sets DIQQ apart from others."


Most important: the results

Previously, IT vacancies at AFS Group remained open for a long time, with concerns about the quality of candidates. But since working with DIQQ, these positions have been filled more smoothly with excellent candidates, resulting in 12 successful placements. DIQQ functions as an extension of AFS Group, with the personal connection with Koen adding to the process.

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