Work happiness: get maximum satisfaction from your work

Robin van Stee

Every employee wants a position that makes them happy. But what about this? Of course, this is different for everyone. This blog highlights the essence of job happiness and discusses how increasing it has a positive impact on the whole.

What is work happiness?

Work happiness is the feeling you experience while doing your job. It goes a little further than job satisfaction. An employer can contribute to how broad your smile is, but much of it is up to you. When someone feels happy at work, that person is often more helpful, productive, flexible and loyal to the organization.

Do you want to know how high your job happiness is?

Tips to increase work happiness

There are several elements that affect your job happiness. These include company culture, meaningful work, self-development, recognition, appreciation and work-life balance.

Positive corporate culture‍

A positive company culture goes hand in hand with an environment where you can be yourself and be supported. It is a place with motivating colleagues where the humor, norms and values match yours. A healthy work environment creates a safe feeling and contributes to better cooperation.

You can influence this yourself. Invest in good relationships and communication in the workplace. Take a walk around during breaks or work together on a project. There is a lot of different knowledge and experience in an organization that you can learn from. A positive company culture contributes to everyone's job happiness.

Meaningful work‍

When you believe in the value of your work, it causes a deep sense of pride, resilience and perseverance. Look at the bigger picture. How do you contribute to organizational goals, society or individuals?

Autonomy and work that fits your personal mission can play a big role in this. Also be aware of your talents, passion and drive. What comes easily to you naturally and energizes you? Look at the responsibilities separately. This way, step by step you will find more meaning within your job.


‍Encouragingemployees to fulfill their potential gives a sense of fulfillment in work. It creates space to develop skills and broaden areas of expertise. This creates a flow of new energy. Ask if anyone needs support with work and projects.

To deepen yourself in a specific subject or to talk about realizing your ambition, you can take a course. This provides the space to discover the value of your expertise and the opportunities within the organization. It is an opportunity to explore and grow in your field.

Recognition and appreciation‍

Appreciation from your employer and colleagues shows that they believe in your employee skills. This makes them more willing to invest in your growth. When you experience a sense of appreciation and recognition, you are generally more engaged.

Striving for continuous growth and celebrating successes can lead to higher levels of self-confidence, productivity and enthusiasm for your work. Allow yourself recognition and celebrate milestones, no matter how small. This positive energy can affect your willingness to give and receive feedback.

Work-life balance

‍A good work-life balance means that you can divide your time and attention without stress. As a result, you have enough energy to devote to your work and personal life, and are more comfortable in your own skin. In fact, a healthy balance has the potential to improve your sense of well-being and increase your energy levels.

Make sure you have enough space to relax after work. This can be in the form of hobbies, quality time with people who give you positive energy or nice time for yourself. Take an occasional breather while working. This helps improve your focus and productivity.

Internal career switch‍

Is your current job causing a lot of stress? If so, an internal job change may offer more flexibility and balance. Or perhaps your job happiness increases when the job duties are modified. Keep in mind, though, that not all companies offer the same options. It depends on several factors, including internal mobility and available positions.

To find out what options are available within your organization, request information from your supervisor or the HR department. That way, you can achieve your goals without changing employers. Which is important at a time when retaining talent can be a challenge. A real win-win situation!

Optimize your work happiness

Work happiness is a personal thing, and there are several ways in which it can be achieved on an individual basis. Try to adapt the above tips to your own ambitions and circumstances and prepare yourself for the rapidly changing job market. This can be done, for example, with career cushioning.

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