The successful partnership between RTL and QGROUP


Julia van El is the Corporate Recruiter at RTL. During an interview, she shared insights into the successful collaboration between RTL and QGROUP. Since the partnership began in 2017, they've together achieved over 75 unique matches. In this case study you discover why RTL chose QGROUP and what makes this collaboration, including her contact person Eva de Bies, so unique.

About RTL

RTL is a market leader in the field of commercial radio and television stations in Europe and holds a prominent position within the entertainment industry. Offering a diverse range in broadcasting, streaming, content, and the digital domain, RTL has interests in 56 television channels, seven streaming services, and 36 radio stations. Notable platforms such as Videoland, RTL News, and Buienradar are also part of their portfolio. Among these, Videoland stands out as the number one streaming service in the Netherlands.  

Within RTL, Julia and her colleagues oversee the entire recruitment process. They bear the responsibility for filling a diverse range of vacancies across various sectors. With approximately 1,400 employees, their goal is to find the right talent for every facet of the organization, thereby contributing to the ongoing success of RTL Netherlands.

Challenges for RTL  

Julia highlighted that previous collaborations with recruitment agencies led to an overwhelming number of contacts, complicating internal processes. Due to the volume of messages, the process became unclear. To provide clarity and focus, RTL critically evaluated their collaborations with recruitment agencies to determine which ones best fit their needs.

The collaboration between RTL and QGROUP

RTL was in search of a partnership with an agency that was actively involved and thoughtful. They wanted more than just a company forwarding resumes; they desired a long-term relationship with genuine advisories and aligned visions. After careful consideration, a select number of agencies were chosen, with QGROUP emerging as the preferred partner for all tech-related vacancies.  

When recruiting IT professionals, it's essential to be informed about the latest trends and tools they use. To thoroughly understand RTL's vacancies, Eva frequently communicates with various IT managers within RTL. This allows QGROUP to ask specific questions and find the ideal professional. Through this close collaboration, QGROUP remains updated about the latest trends and developments within RTL.  

“In this profession, it's all about people. It's essential that the collaboration feels right for all parties, and that's precisely what happens.”

The value of QGROUP

From the beginning, Julia has found the collaboration extremely beneficial. The atmosphere has always been relaxed, and the candidates proposed by QGROUP match the company's needs. Julia places significant importance on personal contacts, aligning with one of QGROUP's core values.  

What Julia believes sets QGROUP apart is their prompt action, the ease of communication, and the personal approach: "As a client, you're not just a number. They truly listen to their clients and primarily forward quality profiles."

Julia on the collaboration  

“It's really helpful to have a single point of contact, someone always available, be it through a messaging app, phone, or email. I have an excellent rapport with Eva and Arye from Proteqt, and I felt the same with Koen earlier. They are all trustworthy, and you can genuinely rely on them. As with any collaboration, we faced challenges, but those moments proved valuable. We would sit together, discuss the situation, and always find a solution. It's reassuring to know that a solution is always within reach.”

The strenght of QGROUP

From the moment RTL and QGROUP teamed up, it was apparent that there was a noticeable improvement in the quality of the profiles presented. The combined efforts of QGROUP's various labels, DIQQ and Proteqt, resulted in over 75 successful placements. Merging their expertise, they've fostered a fruitful, transparent, and enduring relationship with RTL. Central to this partnership is an open line of communication, underscoring the effectiveness and strength of QGROUP.

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