QGROUP's latest adventure: A warm welcome to our Malaga office!

Jimmy de Groot

An important leap

In recent months, we have been working hard behind the scenes to make this international expansion a reality. Establishing a presence in Malaga represents a deliberate effort to promote the growth of our company and expand our team of highly skilled professionals in Spain. It is undoubtedly a bold step, but as we all know, the most grandiose adventures often lead us into unknown territories.

Why Malaga: a city of growing opportunities

Malaga has not been just a choice. The city has quickly become a thriving tech hub, increasingly chosen by leading companies as their base. We want to be part of this dynamic development. With its economic growth and talent availability, Malaga offers us unique opportunities to strengthen our business and increase our market presence.

Malaga: A paradise for work and life

Life in Malaga, with its better weather compared to the Netherlands, offers our employees an attractive work-life balance. The city offers a vibrant culture, friendly community, and numerous recreational opportunities, contributing to a happy and productive team. In addition, our new Malaga office offers exciting career opportunities for our employees. We plan to introduce incentives where employees from the Netherlands will have the opportunity to work from Malaga, enjoying the sunshine and dynamic environment.

A look to the future

This is just the beginning of our journey in Malaga. We see this as a strategic move that is part of our broader business strategy. With success in Malaga, we may consider other locations in the future.

Starting this journey together

Our new office in Malaga marks the beginning of a new chapter in our story. We are ready to grow together and explore new horizons. We look forward with anticipation to where this adventure will lead us. This journey is a shared adventure and we value your involvement as part of our team. Please consider joining us in Malaga and being part of this new chapter!

Stay tuned for more updates and news about our new office.

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