The successful partnership between Rabobank and QGROUP


Thijs Immink, Tech Lead at Rabobank, gives a unique insight into our dynamic collaboration. In early 2023, we joined forces to fill Rabobank's vacancies with top talent faster and more efficiently. In this case, we look back on a successful period and you'll learn more about why Rabobank works with us.

About Rabobank

Rabobank is renowned in the financial world as a driven cooperative bank with a clear mission. For over 125 years, they have been working hand in hand with their stakeholders to build a society that is prepared for the future and responds effectively to significant societal challenges. In the Netherlands, they offer an extensive range of services for retail and corporate clients, while their international focus is on the food and agri sectors.

Thijs' challenges

Thijs plays a crucial role as a Tech Lead in a Risk and Finance team of over 100 specialists. His daily interactions with regulators and supervisory authorities focus on providing accountability for the progress and status within the bank.  

Diversity of talent is a given within his team. Each role requires specific skills and technical expertise. As technologies evolve, it's crucial to have team members who can keep up with and integrate these innovations. It places Thijs in a constant cycle of analysis and optimisation, where the goal remains to position the right talent in the right place.

"Working with QGROUP is smooth, and their transparency and integrity stand out."

Adapting to the changing job market

Thijs emphasised that due to the growing challenges in the quest for top talent, they have considered the option of external support.  

This approach underscores Rabobank's commitment to transparency and equality in their recruitment processes. The bank affirms its flexibility and relentless pursuit of attracting the best talent in a changing job market by being open to external collaborations.


"It's in the details. The profiles they provide, the speed of their actions, and the ease of communication" Thijs maintains contact with his dedicated point of contact daily, fostering personal and efficient collaboration.

The results

"Working with QGROUP is seamless, and their transparency and integrity stand out. The consistently high quality of the proposed profiles demonstrates that QGROUP not only listens but also anticipates needs. Their expertise and active involvement have resulted in six successful placements — a testament to a fruitful partnership."

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