Career cushioning: prepare yourself for changes in the job market

Vijay Bik

The modern job market is unpredictable. With the increasing threat of automation, many people are afraid of losing their jobs. Therefore, it is smart to have a clear career goal and backup plan. We call this phenomenon career cushioning. In this blog, our colleague Vijay shares how he prepares himself for unexpected changes in his career.

How does career cushioning work?

Career cushioning refers to building a backup plan in your career. This plan protects you from challenges such as layoffs, unexpected life events or market interruptions. It provides security in your professional life even when you work from home.

Holding the reins of power

Flexible work schedules, such as hybrid or remote working, are increasingly common today. But when you work in the office, you have access to more networking opportunities and professional development. This can sometimes be a disadvantage for those who work remotely.

Fortunately, there are plenty of online options available to improve your skills and make new connections. Actively seek out webinars and networking events relevant to your field. This way, you create an extra buffer to fall back on when changes occur in the job market.  

Making yourself indispensable

To be successful in your career, it is crucial to proactively invest in professional growth and development. Jobs are rapidly changing or disappearing due to advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI). Develop unique skills and build a strong personal brand identity to make yourself indispensable to companies.  

Personal branding

Personal branding is about defining who you are as a professional and what you have to offer. It's about building a stronger relationship with your audience by regularly communicating what your unique perspective and expertise is. This can be done through various channels, such as social media, blogs or a website.  

With personal branding, you establish yourself as a brand. You show what makes you unique and display your qualities, passions and ambitions. This leads to more opportunities that match your skills and interests.

My career cushion

"I am active in both content marketing and photography and combine these interests by focusing on social media marketing for businesses. To make myself indispensable in content marketing, I try to expand my knowledge in it. I do this by learning new skills, such as logo and animation design.

While developing editing skills, I came in contact with a professional animator who makes videos for large companies. Our conversations about animation inspired me to immerse myself in the profession. As a result, I have expanded my skills and am more valuable to companies."


Networking is building relationships and connections with people in your field or industry. It opens doors to new career opportunities and provides an opportunity to share information and ideas or get support from others. Remember, though, that networking is not only about what others can do for you, but also what you can do for them.  

Ask for advice

A mentor can also be very valuable in building your network. He or she can help you meet the right people by introducing you to other professionals. In addition, a mentor provides guidance and support to develop skills you need to achieve your goals.

Career Switch

Of course, you may find that you are no longer getting satisfaction from your current job and are considering a career switch. Taking the plunge can be exciting, but offers the chance to take on new challenges and grow as a professional.  

Before making a career switch, it's a good idea to explore new industries. Research what your interests and skills are and how you can bring them to another job. With the right preparation and motivation, a career switch is a refreshing and successful move.

Dealing with change

Developing a career cushion is a smart move in a world that is constantly moving. By preparing yourself for future developments, you can respond to new and unexpected circumstances.  

A career cushion does not mean you are immune to change, but have a good foundation to fall back on. Today's job market offers many different career opportunities. Take advantage of them! Start building a solid foundation for your career today.

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