Our new campaign: Move


In a world that is constantly evolving, standing still is not an option. This is true for both professionals and organizations. We understand this like no other, which is why we launched the campaign, "Move. This blog tells you all about the campaign, including the accompanying video. We also share details about the changes on our website, new services and labels.


Why Move?

‍Move symbolizes the power of movement as the key to growth and innovation. We believe that growth is possible on different levels: personal, professional and for organizations as a whole. The campaign reflects who we are as a team and our belief in collective progress. Whether you are striving for personal development, want a career boost or envision sustainable growth as an organization, we put your ambitions in motion.  

With every step we take, the word "Move" resonates with us. It reminds us of the steps toward growth, toward attracting talent, and toward continuous learning. From "Move to Grow" to "Move to Learn ," every aspect of our campaign has a unique"Move" that matches the objective we want to achieve. It is our way of connecting each ambition with a clear action and direction.

Move toward your ambitions

Our new campaign comes to life with a powerful video starring our own colleagues. The video features a lot of sports. We tried to translate our core values into images: cooperation, sportsmanship, fast and personal. And you know what's fun, we created it all in-house!

The video highlights our belief that growth is a personal journey, with success within reach for anyone with determination. It shows that we take your growth seriously and are ready to lead you to success. Move toward your ambitions.

Our new website

A lot has changed in recent months. For example, we have expanded our services and now offer six solutions for professionals and eight for organizations. In addition, we are introducing two new labels: Faqtoring and Qompute, which will allow us to serve professionals and clients even better.

The expansion of our services and labels has led to the launch of our updated website. For example, we now have a career advice portal, a job listing and organizations can upload their open positions so we can help them even faster.  

The website is designed to best inform you about our growing range of services and various features.

New labels and services

We continue to innovate and move with the changing labor market. To offer organizations and professionals the best service, we have expanded our offerings. Below we introduce our new labels and services.

Faqtoring: Our new label for accelerated payments. Through our portal, freelancers and SMEs can sell their outstanding invoices to us. We check the creditworthiness of debtors and, upon approval, take over the invoices and potential risks. This way, you receive the invoice amount in your account within 24 hours, boosting your cash flow and liquidity

Qompute: Our answer to all the IT needs of organizations. Qompute specializes in IT support and secondment of IT support staff for organizations. With over 20 years of experience, they offer quick solutions to various IT questions and challenges, from hardware and software to systems and networks.

Services for professionals

  • Fairshare: An ideal combination of freelancing and secondment. It offers professionals a fixed monthly income with variable bonuses based on hours worked.
  • Factoring: With factoring, we offer freelancers the ability to get outstanding invoices paid immediately, ensuring a healthy cash flow.

Services for organizations

  • Executive Search: Recruiting and selecting capable and experienced managers and executives to fill positions at the management or board level.
  • Factoring: This service allows SMEs to obtain instant liquidity, which is valuable for managing finances
  • IT Support: Comprehensive solutions for all IT needs within organizations. From technical support such as system administration to cybersecurity and strategic advice.

Do you have questions about our new labels and services? Please contact us so we can answer your question as soon as possible.  

Move with us

Ready to get moving and grow? Take a leisurely stroll through our redesigned website and discover the opportunities we offer. Whether you are a professional striving for personal development or an organization seeking sustainable progress. Together we take steps toward success.

Need permanent or temporary support? Post a vacancy. Looking for a new job or assignment? Check our vacancies.

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