Toward a new professional challenge

Rafael Tristán

Rafael from Team Malaga talks candidly about his first period at QGROUP. Join him on his personal journey of discovery through the dynamic world of QGROUP!

Rafael speaking

My adventure at QGROUP began with a leap of faith, right into the vibrant world of IT. It was a mix of adrenaline and pure curiosity. Under the wings of people like Jimmy de Groot and Frank Oudshoorn, I felt both challenged and supported. Their expertise and guidance helped me navigate the complexities of IT staffing.

From day one, I was surrounded by a team of experts. Working with Daan Beaard, Delia Morely, and the rest of the team, pushed me out of my comfort zone. This didn't just feel like a challenge; it was an opportunity to grow surrounded by people who were as passionate about technology as I was. Moving into IT was tremendously exciting. I found myself in a world where there was something new to learn every day. The support of my colleagues not only made this transition easier, but also much more fun. We didn't just form a team; we became a close group of friends, ready to support each other and celebrate together.

Within this great team, I found my place. The brainstorming sessions, the collaborative projects, and even the small celebrations - everything contributed to a sense of belonging. This made the hard work worthwhile and made me feel at home at QGROUP. I look forward with excitement to what the future holds. With each new project, with each new challenge, my confidence grows. I am ready to keep learning, evolving, and reaching new heights together with QGROUP.

Looking back on my first time here, I realize how important it is to open yourself up to new experiences. I'm incredibly grateful for the opportunities I've had, the lessons I've learned, and the amazing people I've met. Here's to the next adventure at QGROUP!

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